Find It

The LBCC Library offers countless books, research databases, ebooks, media, streaming content, and research tools to our patrons. Rather than searching just one collection of books or articles at a time, Find It searches all of the Library's print and electronic resources at once. This simplifies the research process and empowers you to select the exact resources that meet your needs.

What am I searching?

Find It searches the following research databases:
  • Alexander Street Press titles (American history in video, American song, Classical music library, Smithsonian global sound)
  • Credo reference -- at the reference book level
  • eBrary
  • All EBSCO databases
  • EBSCO ebooks (but need to set up a different delivery method -- EDX?)
  • Evergreen catalog (LBCC non-reserve holdings only)
  • Films on demand
  • Gale Opposing Viewpoints in context, American history in context
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
  • Several open access and public domain ebook sources: HathiTrust, DOAB, NCBI bookshelf, Wright American Fiction
It does not currently search:
  • Resrves items
  • Evergreen catalog for other consortium members
  • Evergreen Web site records
  • Other journal databases (but we could pay EBSCO for these data)
  • EBSCO/Gale databases at the journal level
  • Gale student resources in context (seemed too oriented to high school audience, but can add
  • Credo at the topic page level -- not sure if this is possible

How does it work?

Find It uses Blacklight for its interface and Solr to store data and serve up search results. Find It's data come from our library catalog, WorldShare Collection Manager, and a handful of other sources.

Cat About Sourcecode

Who helped out?

  • Rosalie Lingo created the site's graphics and color scheme. Rosalie also provided invaluable guidance on Find It's layout and design.
  • The many contributors to Project Blacklight provided the backbone of Find It's code, and helpful voices on the Blacklight Development Group provided helpful implementation tips.
  • Wayne Schneider and Phil Feilmeyer made their very informative solr indexing scripts publicly available.
  • Countless contributors added cover images and control numbers to the OpenLibrary project, which is how Find It incorporates cover images into its interface. Michelle Lanae Walker, Rusly Marzuki, and Jane Sandberg have been the major LBCC contributors to this project.

I have found a problem!

If you'd like us to add a feature or fix a bug, let us know about it on GitHub. You will need to register for an account on GitHub first.